Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Report

I'm not a big holiday guy and you and I have had our differences the last few months, but nevertheless I hope you're having a decent Christmas.

Anyway, in between cutting wood, foraging for walnuts, and searching for my soul, I caught a few minutes of that horrible game at my cable-equipped cabin out here in the forest. Here are some notes:

-  With all the sleeves and those striped socks, I felt like I was watching Barnum & Bailey's circus. This isn't the NBA I grew up with.

- I really like the way that Jimmy Butler kid carries himself. I feel like he could be a senator when his playing days are over, or at least a state senator.

- I think we can all agree that this season is a lost cause. For the rest of the way, I got two words for you: Mason Plumlee. He didn't play his best today, but he's the future of the Nets.

Back to chopping wood for the fire. It's a cold one.

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