Thursday, December 19, 2013

Daily Report - 12/19/2013

So, who knew? Those Wizards are an actual basketball team. I really like what Randy Wittman is doing down there. They're not doing anything flashy, but if you rest on your laurels for a second, they'll run right into your living room and steal your couch and coffee table.

Here are the day's notes:

- I'm not gonna lie, I might have glanced over at the Pacers-Heat game. I know, I know, I could just DVR both games and watch them at my leisure. But then you gotta worry about the ESPN ticker and sometimes you forget and switch back to the original game and you see the final score. Too many complications. In any case, Lebron James sure knows his way around a basketball court.

- I love everything about Bradley Beal, including his name. If I was writing a young adult novel about a talented high school basketball player who has to move to a new town for his senior year and is not immediately accepted by his teammates and stays up all night shooting hoops at the neighborhood court with his dog, Bradley Beal would be a great name for that character.

- What did I tell you about Nene? He just ties that whole team together.

Time for some yogurt and granola. I'm gonna keep it healthy this morning.

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  1. How is Ms Frank doing? Nets fans are concerned about her recovery.

    Do you have any more bad things to say about JKidd?