Sunday, December 15, 2013

Daily Report - 12/15/2013

So I was all set to go out on a nice midnight snow walk last night and I look outside and, guess what? It's raining! Don't you hate it when a good, old-fashioned snowstorm turns into some dumb rain? And now it froze over this morning and I gotta get out there with an ice pick just to clean my sidewalk and driveway. I missed all the terrific North Jersey amenities the last several years, but I gotta say, that type of thing doesn't really happen as much in Boston and Detroit. When it snows up there, it stays snow. Good, strong snow. None of this wintry mix, rain mixing with and changing to snow.

Anyway, basketball. Normally on days like today (no game last night or tonight), we would all gather around and watch you play Shaun Livingston one-on-one for a couple hours, but today I'd suggest some kind of team-building exercise. How about a game of manhunt or capture the flag in Barclays? (Maybe that won't work because Christina Aguilera or 98 Degrees or someone has a show tonight?) What about a Nok-Hockey tournament? Or air hockey? Or maybe a screening of White Men Can't Jump? That movie always cracks me up. The point is, try to have some fun with the guys. That's what's it's all about, right? You're on a moderately decent run so try to ride that little wave.

No bullet-point style notes today. I hope that's ok with you (actually I really don't care). I'm a little distracted. My driveway is a mess and I can't decide between pulled pork or roasted chicken for football today. I'll see what the butcher recommends.

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