Saturday, December 7, 2013

Daily Report - 12/7/2013

Good morning, Milwaukee! I just checked Accuweather and it's 6 degrees up there. Wow, that is cold! It's too bad because Milwaukee is kind of an underrated town. I know it's not really your style, but if you got a free hour there's a great art museum right by the water. The architecture alone is worth a look.

Anyway, on to the hoops. The Bucks are a pretty horrible team, but they scare me for a few reasons and not only because, obviously, the Nets are also a pretty horrible team.

Here are some notes:

 - Watch out for that Greek kid that everyone's in love with (I'm not getting paid enough to try to write his name. Joke!) and that John Henson character. If they start doing their long arm freak stuff, just throw Reggie on one and Mason on the other.

- I always thought it was weird when the NBA schedules a game a thousand miles away out of nowhere. You played in Brooklyn on Thursday and then you're home again on Tuesday. Why schedule a trip to Milwaukee right in the middle of that? I asked Adam Silver about this a few years ago and he just smiled a little and walked away in that way that he has.

- Also keep an eye on Ilyasova. If he decides to show up, it could get ugly. Maybe keep KG away from him. There's some Bargnani potential there.

- Just go ahead and pencil Brandon Knight in for 20-25 points. He's a firecracker and, to be totally candid, I don't think Tyshaun and Shaun are up to the challenge.

Stay warm. I'm gonna treat myself to a bloody mary.

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