Monday, December 16, 2013

Daily Report - 12/16/2013

I gotta say, I'm loving Sundays now that I got some time off. It doesn't get much better than sitting on the couch and watching 300-pound guys with names like Frostee Rucker and Alterraun Verner pummel each other for ten-plus hours. Have you ever just sat down and watched the Red Zone channel for a whole day? It feels like you're doing something very wrong, but you're not. It's just good, clean, American fun.

On to the notes:

- I know it's only December, but tonight's game against Philly is a must-win. If you're not gonna be able to get by the Sixers on a Monday night, it's time to pack it in.

- Keep your eye on Spencer Hawes. If he was a little smaller, he's the type of guy that would try to sneak into the opposing team's huddle. He's up to no good.

- I heard Mirza and Joe are a little sick. Call me crazy, but I've always found that green tea, hot and sour soup, and chorizo tacos make me a feel better. If that doesn't work, try a Tom Cruise movie marathon. Top Gun to Eyes Wide Shut, the guy's got a great catalog. 

That's it for today. I'm gonna poach an egg.

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