Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Daily Report - 12/18/2013

Big game against the Wizards tonight. If you want to crawl back into the playoff race, this is a game that you gotta win or at least not lose by 20 points.

Here are some notes:

- I know you're expecting me to go on a whole John Wall rant and say that he's destroying the integrity of the NBA, but I'm actually a huge fan of the guy. Sure he doesn't always make the right decision on the court, but who does? Bright future for the kid.

- I know he's questionable for tonight, but I'm also a big, big Nene guy. As a league, I don't think we fully appreciate the skills that the big guy brings to the table. He can pass, shoot, set picks, make phenomenal inbound passes -- he can do it all. I bet he also plays the piano really well or is great at calligraphy or pottery. Just an impressive individual.

- Let Mirza shoot 30-35 times tonight. It's gonna happen sooner or later, so just let him get it out of his system. You never know. He could be the next Bob McAdoo.

- I'm not sure what's going on with Brook's ankle, but at this point, I'd just be safe and rest him until February or March. Blatche is up to task and it's a fun challenge trying to win without your best player.

You know what? I'm just gonna go for it this morning. I'm going down to the deli to get a bacon, egg, and cheese.

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