Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Daily Report - 12/17/2013

More snow! This is like a December in the Upper Peninsula. I hope you and the guys have some time to enjoy it today. Why not organize a team sledding outing? Fort Greene Park or Prospect Park could be good venues or maybe even that weird little astroturf hill in front of Barclays.

Just some short notes today:

- Don't get too excited about the win last night. I'm gonna be totally honest -- even I haven't heard of half of these guys on the Philly roster. But, hey, you can only beat the team who's trying to lose that is put in front of you.

- What a game from my guy Joe Johnson. I wish I could have been there last night to give him a nice, firm handshake. 

- Still no feedback, but you seem to have taken my advice about Mirza. I'm usually not a fan of indiscriminate three-point bombing, but that's what Teletovic was born to do.

That's all I got today. It's hard to sit in front of a computer screen when there's a winter wonderland right out my window. It looks like a quaint Scandinavian village out there. I love it.

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