Sunday, December 8, 2013

Daily Report - 12/8/2013

All right, that was a win. It goes without saying that you shouldn't get too excited about it. That Bucks team is so atrocious, I'm actually confused by them. What exactly are they trying to accomplish? You really gotta feel for those Bucks fan. That crowd was East Rutherford-esque.

Not too much to say about the hoops action last night, but here are some thoughts:

- You got two days off before Boston on Tuesday. Don't take it for granted. Can I suggest, GAME FILM? Seriously, just give it a try. It's really not that much different than watching TV.

- That Raduljica character is one to keep an eye on. He might look like a Serbian lumberjack, but he's got some smooth moves. Strong tattoos, too.

- Not sure what happened with the Greek kid, Knight, and Ilyasova last night, but, man, Henson is something else. His arms are just too long. I don't trust him.

- How did you get Paul Pierce on the plane? Does he have family in Wisconsin?

- I gotta say, I'm liking the Bucks court. That green deer head in center court is tremendous and those wacky triangle-shaped pieces of lighter hardwood jutting out really ties it all together. You would think they would put the same amount of effort into building a roster.

That's it for now. Gotta get my brisket ready in time for football.

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